Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choom Gang Was Obama's Pot Smoking Gang In High School

By his own admission, President Barack Obama was a frequent user of marijuana in his youth and cocaine when he could afford it. Obama admitted to illegal drug use in a memoir published prior to his entry to politics so his frankness it not necessarily due to his character and honesty as a politician. More likely than not candidate Obama would have never volunteered any information about past drug use. But because it was established record, Obama openly discussed his drug use.  I do give him credit for being man enough to admit it where as Bill Clinton stated he smoked it but never inhaled it. It seems that Obama was so enamored with marijuana, that his 1979 high school Yearbook features a photo of him in front of a pack of rolling papers with a shout-out to the “Choom gang”. “Chooming”, in case you did not know, is Hawaiian slang for smoking marijuana.

So how ling will it be before the Nigerian Nightmare, decides to jump on the legalize pot bandwagon?  After all, this former post smoking communist Muslim in the white house will need some new revenue to pay for all his socialist programs after he has destroyed the business structure of America.  So I guess he will soon be like California who tried to legalize marijuana just so the politicians could tax it.  Like this story I found titled, "Legalizing Marijuana, So Politicians Can Spend More Money". It really is a good article, because it tells it like it is about the truth behind the new push to legalize pot in America. Well I guess we might as well legalize it, because once Obama has turned America into a financial basket case we will all need something to take our minds off our miseries.  

The definition below comes from the Urbah Dictionary

Choom gang choom weed

1. choom gang 98 up, 6 down
A gang centered around smoking pakalolo. Popularized by Barack Obama's high school senior yearbook photo.
We go play hoop with the choom gang.
2. Choom Gang 13 up, 1 down
Marijuana smoke group.
Me an my Choom Gang gots some good shit last night.